AE/PR 视觉特效+转场插件包 NewBlue TotalFX 3.0 build 160320 CE



NewBlue 公司也是一个比较NB的插件公司,出品了很多优秀的插件,且他们的插件都支持常用视频编辑软,


NewBlue TotalFX 3.0 build 160320 为最新的插件套装,

超过 129多款插件,过1400个预置效果,包含视频特效,,视频转场,文字动画,调色,字幕和稳定防抖,





NewBlue TotalFX 3.0 build 160320  包含90种效果插件:

– Elements 3 Ultimate:21个视频特效,250个预设,简化多步合成任务

– Essentials 3 Ultimate:24个视频特效,270个预设,增强视频效果:稳定、锐化等

– Filters 3 Ultimate:22个视频特效,250个预设,通过独特特效间提升视频

– Stylizers 3 Ultimate:23个视频特效,250个预设,光,油漆和艺术效果

– 37种转场效果,400种预设,



Adobe After Effects CS5,CS5.5,CS6,CC-CC 2015

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6,CC – CC 2015



AE/PR 视觉特效+转场插件包 NewBlue TotalFX 3.0 build 160320 CE

(由Team V.R提供一键安装注册破解,安装即可使用)



NewBlue 全系列插件套装:NewBlue TotalFX 3.0 bundle build 151014

超强文字插件 NewblueFX Titler Pro 3.0

多软件支持:特效滤镜插件:NewBlue Video Essentials v3.01

更多免费 Final Cut Pro X 系列插件下载



NewBlue TotalFX 3 – the most comprehensive collection of titling, transitions and video effects available, and delivers over 1400 presets in 129 plugins in most comprehensive collection of titling, transitions and video effects. Includes the fully-featured Ultimate versions of Elements, Essentials, Filters, Stylizers, Transitions and Titling lines. TotalFX delivers it all for the serious video editor.

Choose from our top of the line effects collections. TotalFX includes effects packages with more than 90 effects plugins in all, including:
– Elements 3 Ultimate: More than 250 presets in 21 video effects that simplify multi-step compositing tasks.
– Essentials 3 Ultimate: Over 275 presets in 24 workflow-enhancing video effects that stabilize, correct and sharpen.
– Filters 3 Ultimate: More than 250 presets in 22 video effects to instantly enhance video through an array of distinctive looks.
– Stylizers 3 Ultimate: Over 250 presets in 23 imaginative video plugins that provide a range of light, paint and art effects.

Select from 37 transitions for the right look every time. TotalFX includes Transitions 3 Ultimate, a comprehensive set of 400 presets in 37 plugins that provide cutting edge video transitions of 3D, light, color, and motion.

– Whether you want to display a product or add emphasis to an object, you’ll find wide variety of 3D transitions to join your shots.
– Discover different artistic transitions that match your video’s design direction.
– Add a dose of momentum to otherwise plain transitions with bold, energized motion transitions.

Create opening credits, lower 3rds and more with Titler Pro. Titler Pro 3 Ultimate delivers polished 2D & 3D text and graphics natively in your NLE. This breakthrough plugin offers After Effects support plus dozens of styles, templates and animations.
– Create beautiful 4K & 5K titles fast with 80+ built-in styles and templates. Quickly bring them to life with drag-and-drop animations.
– Dial in the right look with a range of powerful controls. Easily customize color, shape, angle, lighting and more .
– Using Quick Edit, make your edits and every title in your project updates with no effort.
– Enjoy full AE environment immersion for even more flexibility through intelligent obscuration with AE layers, camera depth of field, and lighting integration.

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