NewBlue 全系列插件套装:NewBlue TotalFX 3.0 bundle build 151014



NewBlue 公司也是一个比较NB的插件公司,出品了很多优秀的插件,且他们的插件都支持常用视频编辑软,


NewBlue TotalFX 3.0 bundle build 151014 为最新的插件套装,

超过 129多款插件,过1400个预置效果,包含视频特效,,视频转场,文字动画,调色,字幕和稳定防抖,






NewBlueFX TotalFX V3.0 build 151014 (Win32/64) 2015.10.14更新,Crack for Team V.R (Patch)

TotalFX is the editor’s ultimate toolkit. This complete set contains over 280 plugins and thousands of presets, to unleash your creative vision and solve your everyday challenges. totalFX covers just about anything you run into in post.

The totalFX series includes creative effects, energetic transitions, essential tools, efficient color correcting and sophisticated titling. All plugins integrate seamlessly into your NLE workflow giving you all the necessary tools at your fingertips.

eFX Essentials Series – 70 Plugins & 700 Presets 基础特效插件(70个+700预设)
Accelerate your workflow while focusing on your story with the eFX series. This diverse & balanced series includes 70 plugins and more than 700 presets developed to tackle the most common tasks, adjustments, and workflow challenges.

Organized into 7 categories of essential plugins, the eFX series features dedicated solutions and time-saving shortcuts, freeing you from the creative constraints of needlessly complex tools. Cut your story without cutting into the most valuable asset you have – your time.

tFX Transitions Series – Dynamically Propel your Story 创意转场插件
The transition series includes all six of our transition collections to dynamically pass your viewers from scene to scene. Get 68 specialized video editing plugins and over 800 presets found in the collections below to transform your scenes with light rays, explosions, waves, paint and more. Get a bundle savings of 55% when you purchase the transitions series for just $399.99 (MSRP $899.70). All of tFX is now OpenCL and CUDA compatible.

cFX Creative Series – Unleash Your Creativity 创意特效套装
The creative series includes all five of our creative collections to help you unleash your creativity. Use the hundreds of design presets and more than 40 plugins found in the collections below to transform regular footage into visually stimulating works of video art. Recreate the authentic look of film, manipulate rays of light, apply a virtual artist’s brush, and more. Get a bundle savings of 55% when you purchase the creative series for just $399.95 (MSRP $809.75).

ColorFast 快速调色插件
NewBlue ColorFast is an integrated plugin that streamlines both color correction and color grading in one simple workflow. With our Spectra Color Isolating Technology, you get precise control over color adjustments. Work in precise regions or create the look you want across your entire video image. You’ll get the artistic results you want in a fraction of the time.

Titler Pro 3.0 超强文字插件
NewBlue Titler Pro 3.0 takes the ground-breaking efficiency of the original Titler Pro and adds stunning visual appeal and sophistication. With the addition of custom lights, bevels and additional texture options, the perfect look can be dialed in.

Stabilizer 1.4  稳定防抖插件
NewBlue Stabilizer easily creates steady footage. A powerful analyzer searches through all frames, calculates frame-to-frame motion and realigns pictures so they appear smooth and jitter-free. Stabilizer is an intelligent, fast and simple to use video stabilization software plugin that gives you professional motion controls within an integrated workflow to deliver quality results you want, quickly.

Flash Remover Pro 3.0 闪光移除插件
Capture live events without having to worry about the presence of still photographers with Flash Remover Pro.The integrated plug-in seamlessly removes unwanted camera flash from your footage so you never have to compromise.



NewBlueTotalFX3        多种特效插件套装包

NewBlue Titler Pro 4.0    专业字幕插件(完整版版)

NewBlue ColorFast 3.0    快速调色插件

NewBlueFX Stabilizer    视频稳定防抖插件套装




Adobe After Effects 7.0 CS3,CS4,CS5,CS5.5,CS6,CC-CC 2015

Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, CS5/5.5, CS6, CC-CC 2015

Apple Final Cut Pro X   不支持(需Mac版)

Avid Media Composer & Symphony 5, 6/6.5+

Avid Studio 1, 2

Black Magic DaVinci Resolve 11,12+  达芬奇调色软件

Corel Video Studio X2+

Grass Valley Edius 4, 5/5.5, 6/6.5

Grass Valley EDIUS 7+

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro/Plus /Premium* 17

Pinnacle Studio 10 +

Sony Vegas Pro 9, 10, 11, 12 (32-bit/64-bit OpenFX/DirectX)

Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9, 10, 11, 12 (32-bit/64-bit OpenFX/DirectX)

Titler Standalone Host

OpenFX  other




NewBlue 全系列插件套装:NewBlue TotalFX 3.0 bundle build 151014

(由Team V.R提供一键安装注册破解,安装即可使用)




超强文字插件 NewblueFX Titler Pro 3.0

多软件支持:特效滤镜插件:NewBlue Video Essentials v3.01

更多免费 Final Cut Pro X 系列插件下载










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