Ae/Pr鱼眼广角镜头畸变扭曲修复转换插件 REVisionFX Relens 1.5.0 Win/Mac



RE-Lens  是 REVisionFX 公司新出的一款鱼眼广角镜头畸变扭曲修复转换插件,


1.5 新版更新:

RE:Lens v1.5: Version 1.5 is, in general, not compatible with pre-v1.5 projects. If you made projects you should make a backup of the old version of the plug-in set (plug-in location info). Te previous version is also available for download in the Previous Versions section of the website (download previous version).
RE:Lens Defish : Removes the “Maintain Ratio” setting because it is not useful anymore (handled internally by software).
RE:Lens Superfish: Fixes a bug where the Orientation angles setup was not consistent with other plug-ins in RE:Lens. Results in 1.5 will be completely different than previous versions of RE:Lens.
RE:Lens Superfish : Fixes a bug where Orientation settings used in combination with Stabilization could give incorrect and shaky results.
RE:Lens ToLatLong: Fixes a bug where selecting Fisheye Equidistant produced Fisheye Equisolid results, and vice-versa
RE:Lens ToLatLong: Fixes a bug where rotation angles used with stabilization was incorrect and could give shaky, incorrect results when LatLong source was used.
RE:Lens ToLatLong: Fixes a bug where Fisheye sources (all 3 types) gave incorrect and shaky results when rotation angles were used with stabilization
RE:Lens ToLatLong,FromLatLong,Superfish: Fixes a bug when tracking for stabilization is performed a second time that the keyframes for the Stab Mode setting were added to, instead of replaced.
RE:Lens FromLatLong: Interaction now follows your mouse position so you can place interactively the projected view in the mode that allows you to see where you are projecting in LatLong
RE:Lens To and From LatLong: When sandwiching (on and off) these two plugins to create an intermediate flat view to for example paint, the 3 rotation angles of FromLatLong are now the opposite (negative) of ToLatLong, to be consistent.
All plugins: Latitude is no longer clamped to –90 to 90.
RE:Lens ToLatLong: Fixes Edge Antialiasing when going form Flat to LatLong.
RE:Lens Defish: Fixes a problem where edge anti-aliasing was not performing correctly.
RE:Lens Defish: Fixes mip-mapping smoothing issues with images that had transparent areas.
RE:Lens Superfish: Fixes mip-mapping smoothing issues with images that had transparent areas.
RE:Lens ToLatLong: Fixes a problem where Export UV, in 16 bpc, could be wrong.




– Adobe After Effects CS6 – CC 2018

– Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 – CC 2018



鱼眼广角镜头畸变扭曲修复转换插件 REVisionFX Relens 1.5 Win/Mac

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