3DS MAX插件-直接预览工程项目预设管理 Project Manager v3.35.23

管理资产通常是任何 3ds Max 项目中最耗时的方面。访问、使用和创建场景以及材质、纹理、IES 灯光、代理、动画等的过程也是如此。为了简化这些任务并帮助专注于流程的创意方面,KStudio 创建了一个名为专案经理。KStudio 的3DS Max Project Manager 使跟踪您的项目变得更加容易。只需单击几下,您就可以立即访问、预览和利用 3ds Max 中的任何 3D 资源。使用 Project Manager,通常需要数天才能完成的费力和重复性任务现在只需要平常时间的一小部分。其突破性的界面和拖放功能使 Project Manager 使用起来非常快速、简单和直观。


Managing assets can often be the most time-consuming aspect of any 3ds Max project. And so can be the processes of accessing, using and creating scenes along with Materials, Textures, IES lights, Proxies, Animations, etc.To streamline these tasks and help focus on the creative side of the process, KStudio has created a unique plugin called Project Manager.3DS Max Project Manager from KStudio makes keeping track of your projects much easier.With just a few clicks, you can instantly access, preview and utilize any 3D Assets in 3ds Max. With Project Manager, laborious and repetitive tasks that often take days to complete will now require a small fraction of the usual time.Its groundbreaking interface and drag-and-drop features make Project Manager uniquely quick, easy and intuitive to use.

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