PR教程-学习使用Premiere软件剪辑视频快速入门基础教程Lynda – Learning Premiere Pro(英文字幕)


视频剪辑软件Adobe Premiere Pro是一个复杂而强大的编辑工具,如果您正在寻找可以帮助您快速入门的快速课程,那么这门简短而又甜蜜的课程是一个理想的选择。高级职员讲师Ashley Kennedy向您简要介绍Premiere Pro的世界,并带您通过编辑一个简单的视频项目逐步进行。Ashley首先解释了如何导入,组织和浏览媒体。她继续演示如何选择镜头,执行基本的编辑和修剪,进行基本的音频调整,添加简单的效果和标题以及导出序列。本课程旨在让您以自己的编辑项目开始工作。

Adobe Premiere Pro is a sophisticated and powerful editing platform, and if you’re looking for a quick course that can help you get started fast, this short-but-sweet course is an ideal option. Senior staff instructor Ashley Kennedy provides a concise introduction to the world of Premiere Pro and takes you on a step-by-step journey through editing a simple video project. Ashley begins by explaining how to import, organize, and navigate media. She moves on to demonstrate how to select shots, perform basic editing and trimming, make basic audio adjustments, add simple effects and titles, and export a sequence. The course is designed to let you hit the ground running with your own editing project.



PR教程-学习使用Premiere软件剪辑视频快速入门基础教程Lynda – Learning Premiere Pro(英文字幕)

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PR 2020 视频剪辑软件中文英文版Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 Win/Mac



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