Ae/Pr 视觉特效插件包 AE v10.0.1 BCC



强大的 BCC(Boris Continuum Complete )视觉特效插件包

插件终于推出新版本 Boris Continuum Complete v10.0.1 CE

Boris Continuum Complete 为视频图像合成、处理 、键控、着色、变形等提供全面的解决方案,支持Open GL 和双 CPU加速,

BCC 10 拥有超过百种特效效果:字幕(3D字幕),3D粒子,老电影,光线,画中画,镜头光晕,烟雾,火等等,还有调色,键控/抠像,遮罩,跟踪,发光等等一系列风格化工具。

BCC 10 包括多种视频特效和多种视频转场,

支持 Win 系统  Adobe After Effects 和 Premiere Pro CS6, CC, CC 2014, and CC 2015




Boris Continuum Complete 10 AE v10.0.0 CE for After Effects and Premiere Pro

Boris FX is a one of the leading developers of software and plugins in the VFX field, is known for many of the product lines are plugins for video editing software like Boris Continuum Complete (BCC), Final Effects Complete (FEC), Boris RED, Boris Graffiti, Boris FX, …
BCC includes over 200 + effects for a powerful film: 3D Objects, 3D particle effects, image restoration tools, lens flares and lights, keys and mattes, warp and perspective effects, and blurs, glows, … with the 1000 pre-sets is very convenient for users.



BCC 10.0.1 更新功能:

• General Enhancements:
– FX Browser playback performance optimization in the 3D Objects category.
– Support for Open CL optimization on older Mac laptops with NVIDIA graphics.
– Enanced reliablity across all OpenCL optimized effects.
– Hide Disabled Parameters added to Preferences to control whether disabled params are completely hidden.
– Numerous bug fixes.
• Filter Enhancements:
– BCC Beauty Studio – OpenCL refinements yielding additional 1.3x – 2x performance improvement.
– BCC Light Leaks Dissolve – 45 new presets.
– 3D Objects Category – New Constant Scale option allowing greater control over bevels as Extrusion Depth changes.
– Fast Film Glow – New Avoid Clipping control to enable glows to expand past image boundaries without clipping along the edges.
• Title Studio Enhancements:
– Render performance optimization – e.g. Credit Rolls render up to 1.5x faster.
– Many new text animation and countdown templates.
– Support for tab stops in imported RTF text files.
– Extrusion Styles now scale with text point size for easy workflow.
– More accurate Motion Blur.
– Presets arranged thematically in subfolders for easier navigation.
– New Countdown generator for simple countdown animations.
– New Fixed Width option in Numbers generator for stable animation.
– Improved Preview To RAM feature.
– Improved Cinema 4D format support.
• Pixel Chooser Enhancements:
– mocha performance optimization on Mac – mask rendering speed improved 1.4x
– mocha improvements to trimmed clip handling in AE and Premiere
– New OpenCL optimized edge-preserving PreSmoothing option in the PixelChooser Matte group to enable creating cleaner HSL isolations and Luma/Channel mattes.
– HSL Key – Full OpenCL acceleration yielding 2-2.5x improvement in key rendering performance.
– HSL Key – improved quality (less noisy) in regions with low saturation.
– HUD overlay widgets for Egg Shape masks.



Boris Continuum Complete 10 新功能:


BCC Remover 填补缺失的像素,自动填充选取对象.

BCC Dropout Fixer 恢复基于磁带的损坏画面

BCC Reframe  分辨率转换工具



BCC Light Leaks 炫光光晕效果.

BCC Video Glitch  信号干扰画面损坏特效

BCC Beauty Studio   美肤美容插件

BCC Dropout Fixer   特殊效果插件

BCC Fast Lens Blur    快速模糊插件

BCC Reframer   变速插件

BCC Remover   特殊效果插件

BCC Title Studio    文字标题效果插件



BCC Lens Blur Dissolve   镜头模糊转场

BCC Cross Glitch   信号干扰画面损坏转场

BCC Cross Melt      特殊视觉转场

BCC Lights Leak Dissolve     炫光光晕曝光转场

BCC Cross Zoom  缩放转场




Ae/Pr 视觉特效插件包 Boris Continuum Complete AE v10.0.1 BCC




AVID 视觉特效插件包 Boris Continuum Complete AVX v10 BCC






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