Win/Mac版:390组 LUTs 专业电影调色预设 VisionColor ImpulZ 35mm film emulation LUTs 1.1+使用教程

Win/Mac版:390组 LUTs 专业电影调色预设 VisionColor ImpulZ 35mm film emulation LUTs 1.1+使用教程



390组 LUTs 专业电影调色预设,.cube格式,支持众多后期软件

LUT 能够快速的搞定画面的调色步骤,具有丰富的动态色彩,让你的画面看起来更像电影胶片色彩



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VisionColor ImpulZ LUTs Ultimate for Digital Cinema 1.1 (Win/Mac)

35mm Negative And Film Print LUTs

VisionColor ImpulZ 35mm film emulation LUTs 1.1


About ImpulZ LUTs

The premise of ImpulZ is to open up the possibility to replicate the color processing of an entire film workflow digitally with the convenience and accuracy of open format 3D LUTs. Applying ImpulZ LUTs does not substitute digital color correction nor does it attempt to take the creative license of colors and images out of the hands of the colorist.

These LUTs are no one-click-make-awesome solutions to color grading but will take the digital edge off your footage and provide an ‘analog framework’ that processes colors more deeply than what is achievable with user interface controls. With the ability to emulate camera negative film seperately from color positive print stocks (Ultimate only) it is now possible to replicate a workflow that had previously been reserved to high end productions.


World’s Finest LUT Library – 35mm Negative and Film Print LUTs

These are the 3D LUTs you have been Google’ing for! Make no mistake about it, ImpulZ is the world’s finest library of motion picture film LUTs emulating 35mm celluloid film. visionCOLOR a filmmaking resource company has partnered with me to bring you the same 35mm “look” found in the Hollywood DI process!

Featuring some of the world’s most sought after still and motion picture Kodak and Fuji film negatives. ImpulZ LUTs accurately achieves the color and look of analog film for your camera and for your software. With 3 versions to choose from, Basic, Pro and Ultimate, ImpulZ is scalable to fit your needs and your budget.


ImpulZ 1.1 changelog 更新内容:

– Fixed interpolation issues in Resolve by increasing *P* density from 17³ to 64³ & 32³

– Fixed file-encoding related bug causing Final Cut Pro X to crash when loading Color Implosion LUTs

– New universal .cube syntax which is going to be compatible with even more applications including LUT Buddy while increasing compression ratio of 64³ patches by ~70%.

– New input profile calibrations for Blackmagic Production Camera with 1.8 firmware update.

– New Vision 2383 emulation with re-adjusted printer lights for better chroma linearity in the mids.

– Completely re-scanned film grain: No more compression artifacts & color shifts.

– 2.5k Grain now covers entire frame of BMCC footage.

– Updated product documentation with more details on camera settings, input & output profiles and workflow examples.





LUTs 分类列表:

03 ImpulZ –  BMCC 2 5k    – 64组

05 ImpulZ –  BMPC 4k    – 64组

15 ImpulZ –  Canon VisionColor   – 64组

21 ImpulZ –  Nikon Standard   – 64组

23 ImpulZ –  GoPro Hero 3   – 64组

26 ImpulZ –  Sony S-LOG   – 64组

31 ImpulZ – Cineon Conversions  – 6 组



DaVinci Resolve (Full & Lite)

Adobe Speedgrade

Adobe Premiere CS6-CC 2015

Adobe After Effects CS6-CC 2015

Adobe Photoshop CS6-CC 2015

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro 7

Avid MC 7


Sony Vegas


Pandora Revolution/Pixi

CineForm Studio Premium



Film Master

Quantel Pablo


Motion 5/4



【LUT 下载】

城通网盘下载                                百度云网盘下载

 推荐:【精品】几千种专业LUTs电影级调色预设 LookAE – LUTS(Mac/Win)

推荐:FCPX调色插件:60组唯美柔和清新 LUT 预设调色 LUT-Soft

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC:视频特效 –  Lumetri

Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC: Image → Adjustments → Color Lookup

Adobe After Effects CS6/CC:Effects → Utility → Apply Color LUT

Nuke: Vectorfield

SCRATCH: Color Scraffolds

Final Cut Pro X: LUT Utility

DaVinci Resolve 直接使用或导入

Magic Bullet LUT Buddy 适用于大部分软件

FCPX软件 LUT 实用颜色工具   FCPX可用

注:只要软件能安装 Looks 新版的调色插件,就能使用Looks导入LUT使用







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