AE脚本:MG图形抖动脚本 Wiggle It v1.0+ 使用教程

Wiggle It


脚本可以将单个图层/多个图层的位置 透明度 旋转 颜色等参数做抖动处理效果,无需繁琐的表达式控制,还可以设置抖动的振幅和频率。


Wiggle It is your all in one solution for quickly and easily applying keyframeable randomization to any layer parameter (even Color) or effect parameter (like Glow, or Turbulent Displace) in After Effects!  Apply unique Wiggle() or Random() based animation to over a hundred layers at once with just one click!  Never waste time writing complicated expressions for wiggle or random effects ever again.  Wiggle It makes adding randomized movements and adjusting wiggle effects super simple by allowing the ability to control multiple layers wiggle properties with a ‘Shared Controller’ or apply the Wiggle Effect directly to a layer.  Make your work stand out by adding complex procedural animation super fast using Wiggle It!



适用于Win/Mac系统下:AE CS 6 – CC 2018



AE脚本:MG图形抖动脚本 Wiggle It v1.0+ 使用教程

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  1. 沙发

    Please ensure the ‘(Wiggle_It_Resources)’ folder is in the same location as the ‘Wiggle_It.jsxbin’ file. 出现这个提示为什么?

    2018-06-11 15:45 [回复]