Win/Mac/Linux版:达芬奇/Vegas/OFX 降噪插件 REVisionFX DE:Noise V3.0.4



REVision 公司出品的一款降噪插件,能够移除画面的噪点和多余的颗粒。




 3.0.4 版本更新:

Added support for Sony Catalyst Edit

No longer requires OpenCL to be installed in order to run on CPU in render-only mode

Fixes a possible crash issue in Natron

Adds support for option to quit on error in batch render mode

Fixes issue with Forward Warping Mode in GPU mode


Win/Mac/Linux 支持软件: 

Vegas Pro 11 and up, 64-bit only.

Movie Studio 11.0 and up, 64-bit only

HitFilm v 3.0.0576 and up.

Resolve v11 and up.    达芬奇调色软件

Natron v1 and up.

Catalyst Edit 2015.1.0.104 and up.



Win/Mac/Linux版:达芬奇/Vegas/OFX 降噪插件 REVisionFX DE:Noise V3.0.4

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DE:Noise handles spurious frame-to-frame defects ranging from fine digital/electronic noise to blotchy spots (e.g. dirt on the film). DE:Noise combines motion estimation techniques with feature-sensitive, edge-preserving spatial filtering methods to reduce the visual impact of various problems such as: noisy video (that can happen with low-light capture), excessive film grain, CG renders affected by ray-tracing sampling artifacts, fingerprints and dust captured during film scan/transfer and printing, snow, drop-outs and many other defects.

DE:Noise Features

  • Smart spatial filtering controls that allow for the spatial smoothing of noise without smoothing over important features in the image sequence.
  • 8 different temporal filtering methods that use optical flow motion estimation to correlate images over time in order to reduce noise and other artifacts.
  • Post-processing to help punch up the result, or to undo the preprocessing contrast enhancement.
  • Post sharpening option for when the denoising process makes the result softer than desired.
  • Pre-processing contrast controls to help enhance the noise for easier elimination.




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