AE插件:手绘卡通MG动画画笔插件 AEscripts Paint & Stick v1.0.0+使用教程


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插件支持 Win系统下:AE CS5- CC2015(如果安装后软件中看不到插件,请手动拷贝插件到AE插件目录)


Paint directly in comp with your custom and Photoshop brushes plus onion skinning. “Stick” your paint on 3D renders. You gotta see it to believe it!





1.安装 Paint & Stick Installer.exe 插件程序

2.拷贝 Crack 文件夹内 PaintAndStick.aex 替换原插件(AE插件目录替换)

3.打开AE,添加插件到固态层,点击插件界面中 Register,输入任意序列号即可注册。





AE插件:手绘卡通MG动画画笔插件 Paint & Stick v1.0.0+使用教程

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Draw directly in the comp window, in context of all your other layers

After Effects’ built-in paint tool only lets you paint in the layer window where you have no context of you comp. Paint & Stick lets you paint directly in the comp window with any effects, track matters, adjustment layers, etc so you can paint and immediately see the final result.


Cel animation with onion skinning

Finally you can have a customizable onion skin in the comp! By the way, you can apply Paint & Stick on an adjustment layer and user the Onion Skin feature to help you tweak any animation not just cel animation.


Use your Photoshop brushes

Export you Photoshop brushes using our provided export tool and use them directly in After Effects with Paint & Stick. Our beta testers were really excited about this!

Easily create and use custom brushes

Simply hold down a modifier key and click on any part of your comp to capture it as a new custom brush (with transparency!) and add it to your brush library. You will love it!


Super fast, even at 4K resolution!

We worked really hard (and long!) to make Paint & Stick super fast.  Fast Draw was created for cel animators, who just want smooth paint performance, and don’t need the effects in real time. When using Fast Draw, your paint is drawn on the UI, meaning nothing actually renders in your comp until after you’re done drawing your strokes. By the way, drawing without Fast Draw is also pretty fast!


Stick Features

Paint your scene in After Effects with no 3D objects inside After Effects required!

Using a patented process and algorithm you can paint directly onto the rendered image, no 3D object is necessary.


Magically “Stick” paint to CG renders

Paint on one frame and it will stick to the whole animation. It really feels like magic.


Free “Sticky Pass” export plugin for Cinema 4D and Maya*.

It’s very easy to export your 3D animation for use with Paint & Stick. And because there is no lighting or fancy rendering required, the render is super fast. *The Maya exporter is currently in beta, please contact us if you would like to try it.


Works with After Effects CS6 and above. Please review the Known Issues and Workarounds section of the user guide for other compatibility details.

Purchase Options

We realize that not everybody has a need for the “Stick” functionality so in order to make it accessible to as many users as possible we have split the license options into 2 affordable options:

Paint Only (Stick features are watermarked)
Paint & Stick (Full license with no watermarks)
No matter which option you choose you will get the same full featured plugin but if you get “Paint Only” any “Stick” stuff will be watermarked. The full “Paint & Stick” license does not watermark anything (please note that all watermarks created with the demo or paint only version are permanent). Upgrade details below.

Upgrade from “Paint Only”

You can easily upgrade from a “Paint Only” license to a full Paint & Stick license for the price difference. To upgrade simply add a full “Paint & Stick” license to the shopping cart using the same account you purchased the “Paint Only” license with and the upgrade discount will be automatically applied in the cart. If you have any issue or require assistance please do not hesitate to open a support ticket and we will be happy to help.

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