C4D教程:X-Particles 特效粒子使用教程 cmiVFX – Cinema 4D X-Particles

Cinema 4D X Particles


这期教程从多个方面介绍了 X-Particles 特效粒子插件,在本系列教程中,讲师将指导您完成10章(4小时)的 X-Particle 操作教程,强调X-Particles的所有重要方面,


你就可以很容易通过更复杂训练,展示如何将每个不同的工具 X-Particles 用于更复杂的组合项目,或先进的功能:如动态和液体

X-Particles 是 C4D 最常用最强大的高级特效粒子插件,它可以轻松模拟雪,雨,尘土,流体或者一些抽象的线条等,

只可惜目前 X-Particles 最高的破解版只有 2.1,2.5版本和3.0版本均未破解

教程为国外教程,英语对白,无中文字幕,4小时23分,5.6G 含工程文件,使用软件:  CINEMA 4D R16,X Particles


cmiVFX presents an all-new training series on X-Particles, a powerful particle simulation plugin for Cinema 4D. This plugin is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for avid Cinema 4D users. Say goodbye to Cinema 4D’s “bare-bones” particle options and tricky Thinking Particles setup. Embrace X-Particles, the new standard for particle simulations from Insydium LTD. X-Particles unlocks a brand new world of potential in Cinema 4D for creating particle setups like snow, rain, dust, fluids, and abstract design concepts like bursts, streaks, tracers, and more. The possibilities are endless. In this training series, designer Michael Szabo will guide you through 10 chapters and 4 hours of X-Particle lessons, highlighting all the essential aspects of X-Particles that you’ll need to know. You’ll start at the beginning with basic concepts about cornerstone tools in X-Particles like emitters, skinners, sprites, and generators. Next, you’ll work your way up to more advanced techniques, using things like modifiers along with question and action setups. Near the end of the video, you’ll be able to breeze through more complex lessons that will show you how to combine each of the different tools in X-Particles for use in more sophisticated “combination projects,” and you’ll also incorporate advanced features like dynamics and fluids.



C4D教程:X-Particles 特效粒子使用教程 cmiVFX – Cinema 4D X-Particles

Cinema 4D 高级粒子插件:X-Particles v2.1(Mac/Win )R13-R16




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