AE脚本:众多文字标题汇聚图形变换动画Aescripts Word Cloud v1.0.3 + 使用教程

Word Cloud




Word Clouds are graphical representations of Word frequency that give greater prominence to Words that appear more frequently in a Source Text. The larger the Word in the visual the more common the Word was in the document.

The Algorithm creates a State by filling the Shape with Words without overlapping using Weight of Words, Font and Color Theme. By adding a State to the Text layer, you can create an Animation between the States using a Marker with a State number.


适用于Win/Mac系统下:AE CC 2014 – CC 2019



AE脚本:众多文字标题汇聚图形变换动画Aescripts Word Cloud v1.0.3 + 使用教程

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  1. #12
    AE CC 2019安装不上啊,大神! ❓
    自然2019-01-20 16:59:43回复
  2. #11
    众多文字标题汇聚图形变换动画Aescripts Word Cloud v1.0.3 AE CC 2019安装不上啊,大神! ❓
    自然2019-01-20 17:01:13回复
  3. #10
    AE脚本:众多文字标题汇聚图形变换动画Aescripts Word Cloud v1.0.3,AE cc 2019用不了啊!
    自然2019-01-20 18:01:16回复
  4. #9
    AE脚本:众多文字标题汇聚图形变换动画Aescripts Word Cloud v1.0.3
    自然2019-01-20 18:03:02回复
  5. #8
    自然2019-01-20 18:03:36回复
  6. #7
    It doesn't work ; I've tried CC 2017 and CC 2019 Any Idea ?!!
    Raol Mastas2019-01-20 23:13:52回复
  7. #6
    tedhu2019-01-21 9:42:39回复
  8. #5
    WordCloud 1.0.3\WordCloud\presets\shapes\Maps 中国地图上没有台湾:)
    Aitidi2019-01-21 10:39:07回复
  9. #4
    WordCloud 1.0.3\WordCloud\presets\shapes\Maps 中国地图缺少台湾部分,各位用到请注意
    Aitidi2019-01-21 10:48:56回复
  10. #3
    首先,我在WIN下。 按照破解顺序安装的。 然后360报木马。 再打开插件,就提示 AE拒绝访问。 这问题该怎么解决啊?
    roc2019-01-23 21:40:20回复
  11. #2
    zslsycn2019-02-13 15:57:29回复
  12. #1
    CC2015能打开 CC2018刚开始只是一个获取字体列表的脚本会被360拦截 后来就直接打不开了 求解
    jeremy_sc2019-02-22 14:17:10回复




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