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本教程将学习如何创建电影《星际迷航3:超越星辰》Star Trek Beyond预告片中的3D文字标题片头,

使用 Element 3DTrapcode ParticularOptical Flares 等插件,




In this Element 3D V2 Tutorial for After Effects, learn how to recreate the 3D Movie Titles seen in the Star Trek Beyond Movie Trailer and Commercials. In this Star Trek Beyond Tutorial, I go through how to recreated the Stark Trek Beyond 3D Title in After Effects using Element 3D, Trapcode Particular, and Optical Flares, as well as other After Effects CC tips and tricks. By using Element 3D in After Effects, you can easily recreate 3D title sequences in After Effects, Such as this one for the new film, Star Trek Beyond. This 3D Title Sequence was seen in the new trailer for Stark Trek Beyond, and this was my best crack at recreating it using After Effects, Element 3D, and other Adobe After Effects plug-ins.












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