C4D教程:真实海浪制作高级教程 miVFX – Cinema 4D Surf’s Up



教程使用 Cinema 4D R17和 Arnold 阿诺德渲染器插件模拟海水海浪动画,




Surf’s Up everyone! Stuck in doors? Cold outside? Blast away to another place by creating your perfect ocean surf conditions with ease! Anyone can build the “Maynard Hero Wave” system thanks to the latest and greatest tools courtesy of Maxon and its affiliates. This technique was mastered along time ago and shared to the world for the older apps of the CG revolution. Never before has it become so fluid of a skill until Cinema 4D’s latest releases. When you see how much fun this is, your going to see this effect all over the place, a decade later, and well improved!



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