Win/Mac版:AE插件:动态物体自动去除插件 Superpose v2.0b

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支持 Win/Mac 系统下 : After Effects 64位版



Superpose is a really efficient and time saving software to take away non-static objects out of a set of images or a picture sequence with static digital camera. Superpose is greatest used as a primary cleansing step for creating clear plates.

The facility of Superpose is handiest when eradicating an enormous variety of objects like snow, rain or crowds.

Examine to different methods for rain or snow removing like frame-averaging which leaves ghosting shadows, Superpose statistically analyses every pixel and calculates the chance of the background pixel worth. This results in an ideal end result.





Win/Mac版:AE插件:动态物体自动去除插件 Superpose v2.0b










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