SpeedGrade 调色软件教程 Getting Started with Adobe SpeedGrade (Tuts+)




Adobe SpeedGrade 是一款出色的专业调色软件,能够色彩校正和色彩分级调色,


在本课程中,专业导演 Jordy Vandeput 将帮助你熟悉 SpeedGrade 工具,SG和PR动态连接,调色的基本知识,以及如何将这些技术应用到电影制作工作流程中。



Adobe SpeedGrade is a professional color correction and color grading application that has lots of great benefits and features. SpeedGrade is typically used at the beginning of your video editing workflow, or at the very end. In this course, professional filmmaker Jordy Vandeput will help get you familiar with the SpeedGrade tools and interface, the basics of color grading, and how to apply these techniques to your filmmaking workflow.

About Jordy Vandeput
Right after my filmschool graduation I started my own company (Cinecom). We create videoproductions for companies such as commercials, corporate films and more, where videomarketing is very important. Teaching has always been my passion. I love to share what I experience and live with the idea that I have helped other people with their future.

Author: Jordy Vandeput
Date Release: 27 Jun 2014
Lessons: 17
Length: 2.1 hours
Home: http://photography.tutsplus.com/courses/getting-started-with-adobe-speedgrade



SpeedGrade 调色软件教程 Getting Started with Adobe SpeedGrade (Tuts+)





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