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Many of us go about our lives taking thousands of pictures and video. On trips to foreign countries, special events or just ordinary everyday activities. Some of our endeavours get thoroughly documented. Unfortunately most of these memories are simply stored away never to be viewed by anyone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way to make a little bit more out of them? Or maybe you want to cut a quick highlight video of your favorite sport scenes to some epic music? Wouldn’t you like a faster solution than the regular editing of Adobe Premiere?


适用于Win/Mac系统下:AE Cs3 – CC 2017




AE脚本+模板:音乐节奏剪辑图像转场效果 Motianic – Slideshow Creator

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  1. 板凳


    2017-06-02 13:28 [回复]
  2. 沙发
    kill time:

    大神能说一下怎么自动打点儿的吗?脚本不会自己根据节奏打关键帧啊 :sad:

    2017-06-17 10:44 [回复]