Win/Mac/Linux版:蓝宝石特效插件 GenArts Sapphire v9.0.3 支持 AE/PR/达芬奇/NUKE/OFX/Vegas/AVID/Autodesk


大名鼎鼎的AE/PR外置 GenArts  Sapphire 蓝宝石插件 可能都不用大脸多介绍了,

现在更新到最新版本 GenArts Sapphire AE v9.0.3




现在更新到最新版本的蓝宝石插件 GenArts Sapphire v9.0.2 ,支持AE 和 PR



插件支持 Win/Mac/Linux系统下

– Adobe After Effects CC / CC 2014 / CC 2015.3

– Adobe Premiere Pro CC / CC 2014 / CC 2015.3


– Assimilate Scratch 6.0 or greater

– Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 10 or greater

– Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 7 or greater

– China Digital Video DX or EX

– Digital Vision Nucoda/Phoenix (Film Master etc.) 2011.2.058 or greater

– SAM Pablo Rio 2.1 rev4

– SGO Mamba FX any version

– The Foundry Nuke 6.3v8 or greater

– Vegas Pro 12 or greater


– Avid Media Composer any version

-Avid Media Composer Meridien v9 or greater

– Symphony any version

– Xpress Pro any version

– Xpress DV any version

– Xpress v2 or greater

– Newscutter v3 or greater

Autodesk 系列软件




新版 GenArts Sapphire v9 介绍:




GenArts Sapphire v9.0.3 更新:

Fixed a hang in Premiere CC 2015 when rendering on the GPU.

修复在 Premiere CC 2015 软件中 GPU 渲染的错误BUG

– Temporarily disabled Expand Borders/Soft Borders in Premiere to fix a conflict with the HDR support introduced in Sapphire 9.02. This fixes rendering errors in effects such as Blur, Glow, and DropShadow. We are working on an improved fix that will reintroduce Expand Borders. Effects with Expand Borders/Soft Borders turned on may render slightly differently.
– Improved loading of old v6 projects containing ZFogLinear and ZFogExponential when Z Near and Z Far were set their default values.
– Fixed a crash in BokehLights with size set to zero and color fringing turned on.
– Fixed a bug where S_Grain would go from color to monochrome after 524,000+ frames.
– Fixed a memory leak in LensFlare, NightSky, and BokehLights when rendering on the GPU.
– Fixed a bug that caused some presets for multi-effect plugins to be saved with the wrong effect.
– Fixed a bug that caused interlaced frames to look squashed in the Preset Browser.
– Fixed a bug that displayed an error message when opening the Preset Browser on an adjustment layer.
– Fixed a bug in Effect Builder where moving a node to a disconnected edge does not work correctly.
– Fixed a few bugs that could hang AE CC 2015.
– Removed erroneous warnings about a missing Reprise directory.
– Fixed a crash in background renders with no license.
– Licenses can now be activated off-line using command line tools.
– When activating licenses offline, support can now see which machines are activated.
– Put the name of the license in use in the help dialog to help debug floating licenses with multiple licenses.
– Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the “More Help” button in the help dialog to open the wrong documentation.
– Removed uninstall shortcut from Windows 10 Start Menu due to unpredictable behavior, please use Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel instead.
– Fixed a bug that sometimes caused point params to shift when using S_Effect.




– BokehLights    漂亮炫光插件

– NightSky     夜晚星空插件

– Aurora     抽象极光背景插件

– InfiniteZoom:   螺旋效果插件

– CutToDissolve   转场插件

– RepairFrames:  画面损坏插件

– Builder   节点优化




Sapphire Adjust

Sapphire Blur+Sharpen

Sapphire Builder

Sapphire Composite

Sapphire Distort

Sapphire Lighting

Sapphire Render

Sapphire Stylize

Sapphire Time

Sapphire Transitions




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Mac 苹果版下载:  AE/PR版下载               AVID版下载             OFX版本下载         Autodesk 版下载

Linux 系统版下载:     OFX版本下载                Autodesk 版下载




Ae/Pr蓝宝石特效插件 GenArts Sapphire v9.0.21 for Adobe 一键破解








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Win/Mac/Linux版:蓝宝石特效插件 GenArts Sapphire v9.0.3 支持 AE/PR/达芬奇/NUKE/OFX/Vegas/AVID/Autodesk:目前有4 条留言

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    3.将AMPED文件夹里的rlm.exe复制到C:\Program Files\GenArts\rlm替换。
    6.把AMPED文件夹下的rlmutil.exe genarts.lic genarts.set genarts_host.lic复制到C:\Program Files\GenArts\rlm下。
    8.浏览器打开http://localhost:5054 点击SHUTDOWN标签,在右边页面中点击SHUT DOWN THE SERVER。点击REREAD/RESTART SERVERS,然后点击REREAD/RESTART。服务器会刷新本地的genarts.lic和genarts_host.lic。
    9.安装sapphire 9.0.3程序。安装结束时选择without a license一项。
    10.将C:\Program Files\GenArts\rlm下的genarts.lic复制到C:\ProgramData\GenArts\rlm替换。同时删除rlm_demo_ae.lic文件。

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