C4D教程:Lynda – Learning Cinema 4D R20 基础学习教程

Learning Cinema 4D R20


通过学习Cinema 4D R20,您可以通过结合3D、动画和复杂的纹理和材料来增强您的设计。本课程为您提供了一个快速启动指南,旨在让您在两小时内启动和运行。Andy Needham回顾了Cinema 4D的特性和优点,并简要介绍了建模、动画、材材质、灯光、摄像机和渲染等只是,带您从头到尾了解典型C4D项目的制作流程:一个3D动画标识。在课程结束时,你应该有信心承担更有挑战性的项目,探索C4D的创造性可能性。


By learning Cinema 4D R20,you can enhance your designs by incorporating 3D, animation, and sophisticated textures and materials. This course gives you a quick-start guide designed to get you up and running in under two hours. Andy Needham reviews the features and benefits of Cinema 4D, and provides a concise introduction to topics such as modeling, animation, materials, lights, cameras, and rendering, taking you from start to finish through the production pipeline for a typical C4D project: a 3D animated logo. By the end of the course, you should have the confidence to take on more challenging projects and explore the creative possibilities in Cinema 4D.




C4D教程:Lynda – Learning Cinema 4D R20 基础学习教程

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