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PROLOGRAM™ – Professional Hologram Techniques
Want your footage to like its being transmitted from light years away? With PROLOGRAM™ from Pixel Film Studios™, filmmakers can take their green screen footage and create holographic projections in Final Cut Pro X. Simply scan the effects browser for the shade of green or blue that your screen is and drop it onto your footage.

You’re Our Only Hope
PROLOGRAM™ allows editors to easily film an actor in front of a green screen, and turn them into a projected transmission from another planet in the click of a button. Simply choose the PROLOGRAM™ preset that best matches the green screen color and drop it on top of your clip. PROLOGRAM™ also works great on title sequences.

Randomized Interference
This holographic plugin even features randomized glitches and malfunctions to simulate the interference from the light years that the transmission may have traveled. With PROLOGRAM™, editors can make their footage look like its being sent from a Galaxy far far away.

Add a Light Source
With easy-to-use on-screen controls, users can move and shape the light source of their holographic transmission. Editors simply have to drag the corner points and pivot point of the light source to line up with the hologram and then use the sliders in the FCPX Inspector to complete their look.


插件模板适用于 Mac OS X 平台:(苹果电脑)Final Cut Pro X 和 Motion 5 软件。



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