AE脚本:游戏卡通8-bit像素化视觉脚本 Pixelate It v2.0 + 使用教程

Pixelate It




Pixelate It is your all in one solution for quickly and easily pixelating your After Effects animations with a single button click. With the new Pixelate It v2.0, you get the awesome new Deflicker tool that prevents those pesky dancing pixels for perfect looking pixel animations!  With it’s dockable UI, you save time pixelating any selected layers all at once in your comp, or comp wide as an Adjustment Layer with just one click!  Pixelate It makes pixelating your animations super easy!  Choose your pixel size, Pixel Mode, and color mode and then simply click the Pixelate It button.  Pixel Perfect Mode ensures you have perfectly square pixels no matter your comp size!  Making your work stand out was never easier!



适用于Win/Mac系统下:AE CS 6 – CC 2018




AE脚本:游戏卡通8-bit像素化视觉脚本 Pixelate It v2.0  + 使用教程

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