360°/VR三维全景跟踪合成软件 Mocha VR 5.5.2 Win/Linux

mocha vr


Imagineer Systems 公司新推出的一款 360°/VR三维全景跟踪合成软件 Mocha VR,

包含了mocha Pro软件的所有功能,高级遮罩功能,创建/插入/删除对象,跟踪,稳定等


Mocha VR
New! A new plug-in bringing high-end visual effects workflows to 360°/VR filmmakers. Based on Imagineer’s Academy Award-winning planar tracking algorithm, Mocha VR features native 360 optimized effects tools designed to simplify cinematic VR post challenges.
360° Planar Motion Tracking
Advanced Roto & Masking Tools
Automatic Object Removal
Horizon Stabilize & Reorient Module
2D Insert Module for Tracked Graphics
Plug-in Option for Adobe, Avid & OFX
Includes all the features of mocha Pro
Mocha VR is available as a standalone application or plug-in for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and OFX Hosts: Foundry’s Nuke & Fusion. Own mocha Pro 5? Upgrade to Mocha VR for $300.


软件支持 WinLinux 系统,内附安装破解方法。



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