AE教程:利用 Trapcode Mir 插件创建抽象场景(流体动画)





教程主要是在AE中利用外置插件 Trapcode Mir 插件创建唯美抽象的流动场景,

Trapcode Mir  插件可以创建简单的多边形网格,



Creating Abstract Shapes and Animations With Trapcode MIR in After Effects

VinhSon Nguyen takes a look at creating fluid and organic abstract shapes and animations using TrapCode MIR.

TrapCode MIR for After Effects can create simple polygon meshes that can be transformed with displacements like fractal noise and provides some quick feedback and rendering.

Finally, after much request, we’re going to be talking about some of the practical uses of Mir, what the plugins is all about, and how to achieve some cool abstract elements and fluid motions

VinhSon shows how to get started with TrapCode MIR and provides some tips for creating more fluid motion and shows how to create some abstract elements.



AE教程:利用Trapcode Mir 插件创建抽象场景





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