AE教程:使用 Trapcode Lux 聚光灯插件制作阳光穿过云层效果



Trapcode Lux 这款插件其实可以制作很多特殊光的效果(当然也要借助灯光层作为发射器),如:聚光灯,射灯,平行光等众多点光源

本教程使用 Lux 点光源插件模拟制作了太阳光穿过云层效果

其实  Trapcode Lux  介绍使用的教程不多, 这期教程将让你对  Trapcode Lux 更加深入的了解。


In this After Effects tutorial you’ll learn how to use the Lux plugin from Trapcode.First you are going to color correcting this cloud footage for Lux. Then you’ll use Lux with a point light to create a sun and with spot lights to create rays. Finally we’ll use some techniques to integrate the artificial sun into the real sky.By the end of this After Effects training you’ll have a thorough knowledge of a very useful plugin that can make your shots look absolutely awesome.



AE教程:使用 Trapcode Lux 聚光灯插件制作阳光穿过云层效果

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AE教程:使用 Trapcode Lux 聚光灯插件制作阳光穿过云层效果:等您坐沙发呢!