AE/PR 人像润色磨皮插件套装 Imagenomic Video Plugin Suite 1007

Imagenomic Video Plug

著名的人像润色磨皮插件 Imagenomic Portraiture 终于出视频版本了,

以前这款插件只能用在 PS 软件中,很受后期人的喜爱,因为他操作简单,效果显著,功能也十分的完善。

现在这款插件终于支持了 Premiere Pro 和 After Effects ,




Imagenomic Video Plugin Suite AE/PP (build 1007) CE 包含插件:

include Portraiture Plugin for Video (build 1106)

RealEffects Plugin for Video (build 1012)


Portraiture  and RealEffects



Imagenomic 视频插件套装引入了一个新的 RealEffects 插件:增加多功能塑身和着色功能,补充遮蔽人脸瑕疵和润色功能。


Windows 7(64位) /  Windows 8(64位),  4 gb内存,   100 mb硬盘,    1280 x800分辨率以上,

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6  –  CC 2015

Adobe After Effects  CS6  –  CC 2015



Portraiture® and RealEffects™
Authomatic skin retouching, fine toning, B&W and coloring effects

Perfect combination of Portraiture’s unmatched skin smoothing, healing, and enhancing effects with RealEffects toning and coloring.

Imagenomic’s Video Suite introduces a new RealEffects plugin which adds versatile toning and coloring functionality to complement Portraiture’s masking and retouching capabilities.

While RealEffects works independently from Portraiture and could be used to produce separate effects, it is the ability to apply the two plugins in tandem on a refined joint or inverse mask that makes the Video Suite a truly powerful and remarkable video editing package.

Imagenomic is pleased to offer this powerful Video Suite at the current Portraiture subscription rate for only $99/year to active and prospective subscribers.



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AE/PR 人像润色磨皮插件套装 Imagenomic Video Plugin Suite 1007

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