Win/Mac:C4D 快速建模工具脚本合集包 HB ModellingBundle 2.0.1




HB modellingbundle 是一组超过60个C4D脚本,致力于3D建模,能够快速的建立简单的模型工具,



HB ModellingBundle 共有60多个脚本,也是一种很好选择的快捷键,C4D造型布局和C4D模型场景显示视窗中的工具设置使得在全屏模式下工作更加容易。

HB ModellingBundle 是 Holger Biebrach 的10年经验的结果,在职业生涯早期,他开始创建自定义脚本。多年来他增加了很多“东西”和收集

用HB ModellingBundle意味着什么?可以肯定的说,你在C4D最常见的动作建模中,更少的点击鼠标,工作效率将提高2 – 10倍

适用于Win/Mac系统下:C4D R15-R16 或更高版本


What Is It?

HB ModellingBundle is a set of over 60 scripts for Maxon’s Cinema 4D which are dedicated to 3D modelling.

The goal of these scripts is to improve workflows and perform many operations a great deal faster, this means less clicks and less mouse movement. With HB ModellingBundle you receive not only 60 plus scripts but also a very well chosen set of shortcuts, a modelling layout for C4D and a template C4D scene which shows tools settings in the viewport which makes working in fullscreen mode much easier.

HB ModellingBundle is the result of Holger Biebrach’s 10 years experience with Cinema 4D as a professional 3D Generalist. Early in his career he began creating custom scripts to make any repetitive process in C4D much faster. Over the years he has added a lot of ‘stuff’ and the collection is still growing. To get a better idea about the bundle, please watch the many videos below which show you the potential of this feature packed product.

UP TO 10 TIMES LESS CLICKS PER OPERATION If you are willing to change some behaviours and use scripts with shortcuts, you will very quickly feel what it means to work with HB ModellingBundle. It is safe to say that the most frequent actions you do in C4D for modelling, will now be accomplished in 2-10 times fewer clicks.



【脚本下载】   含安装说明+视频教程

Win/Mac:C4D 快速建模工具脚本合集包 HB ModellingBundle 2.0.1




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