FEM配乐音乐素材系列合辑 Fired Earth Music 1-8



Fired Earth Music 专门致力于出品优秀的音乐素材,拥有众多音乐,



FIRED EARTH MUSIC is a trailer music label established in Los Angeles in 2009. Exploding onto the motion picture advertising scene, the label quickly became an unstoppable force, with debut album VULCANO achieving licenses for major blockbusters including Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and Peter Weir’s The Way Back. Latest credits include The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,The Next Three Days, Prince of Persia, I Am Number Four and many more.

Working with a roster of award-winning talent and recording in some of the world’s most outstanding concert halls, FIRED EARTH MUSIC quality is second to none and the catalogue is growing at a rate of six world-class releases a year.


1.Fired Earth Music – Cyanite [320]
2.Fired Earth Music – Fantazium
3.Fired Earth Music – Fantazium [320]
4.Fired Earth Music – FEM014 Heroes [Flac]
5.Fired Earth Music – FEM-015 – Zeitgeist (2013)
6.Fired Earth Music – Legacy
7.Fired Earth Music – Olympians [320]
8.Fired Earth Music – Vulcano



FEM配乐音乐素材系列合辑 Fired Earth Music 1-8







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