AE脚本:快速创建刻度标尺图形动画脚本 Aescripts easyRulers v1.6



Aescripts easyRulers 脚本可以很轻松的创建带有数字刻度标尺的图形效果支持



Designed to create any type of graphical measuring ruler, fast and easy. It is ideal for artists who create gauges, scopes, speedometers, graphical equalizers, HUDs, UI elements, historical timelines, instrumentation layouts, infographics etc.



1.6 新版更新内容:

– changed: code optimization and fixes. HUGE speed increase. easyRulers is now 700% faster. You can create hundreds of text layers, instantly!
– added: pointer option. You can now create a pointer and choose between four pointer shapes
– added: text alignment options (left, center, right)
– added: randomize, reset and apply colors
– added: you can now use the UP/DOWN arrow keys on your keyboard to change any value of any text box of the interface


适用于Win/Mac系统下:AE CS6 – CC 2017

脚本安装:拷贝.jsxbin脚本文件到AE安装目录下:Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Pane

脚本使用:在AE软件中点击 Window(窗口菜单)即可找到脚本



AE脚本:快速创建刻度标尺图形动画脚本 Aescripts easyRulers v1.6

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