AE教程:在实拍素材上合成二维元素特效动画 Digital-Tutors-compositing 2d elements





In this After Effects tutorial we’ll learn how to composite 2d elements over live footage. We’ll create an appealing final video using a few simple images a variety of compositing and animation techniques. We’ll begin the tutorial by importing our elements and tracking various features of the face, including a difficult track through an eye blink. We’ll learn how to create a tracked and animated mask to match our eye movement. To combine all of the elements and give them visual appeal, we’ll learn how to use several different effects not only by themselves, but also together to create various looks. We’ll learn how we can create animation using expressions. And finally, combine all our layers using compositing math to correctly mix everything together.



AE教程:在实拍素材上合成二维元素特效动画 Digital-Tutors-compositing 2d elements




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