AE插件:DCP数字电影打包工具 FanDev CuteDCPTools v1.0.19 CE + 使用教程



FanDev CuteDCP( DCP数字电影打包工具 )是After Effects一个数字电影包(DCP)的创作工具。




适用于Win系统:Adobe After Effects CS 6 – CC 2015.3


CuteDCPTools is an toolbox plug-in which allows users to import existing DCPs into After Effects.
While imported in After Effects users can make changes like:
– Update the content titles for the DCP
– Adding new reels
– Split the DCP into reels
– Updating audio and video tracks without doing any encodings
– Create new compositions with language adaptions, subtitles or audio
– Imported subtitles can be edited and re-timed.
Then RePackage and export the new DCP
Feature Overview

Import DCPs
RePackage and export the modified DCP
Title Helper tool
Import subtitles (SMPTE and Cinecanvas)
Export subtitles (SMPTE and Cinecanvas)




AE插件:DCP数字电影打包工具  FanDev CuteDCPTools v1.0.19 CE + 使用教程











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