AE插件:DCP数字电影打包工具 FanDev CuteDCP v1.9.0 CE




FanDev CuteDCP( DCP数字电影打包工具 )是After Effects一个数字电影包(DCP)的创作工具。





Fandev CuteDCP – An After Effects DCP exporter. It’s a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) creation tool for After Effects. The export plug-in allows users to create DCPs from any file imported into After Effects and minimizes the number of steps required to create a DCP. CuteDCP is easy to use and has been tested on most major play-out servers. It has never been easier to create a DCP package.

What is a DCP?
DCP(Digital Cinema Package) is a collection of files used to store and convey Digital Cinema (DC) images, audio and data streams. The term ‘DCP’ has been defined by Digital Cinema Initiatives in its recommendations for the packaging of Digital Cinema content.



 CuteDCP  提供以下功能:


-支持率24、25、30、48、50或60 fps


-操作字幕(cinecanvas)和 SMPTE 428-7 字幕


– DCP数据控制



-内部 rec709 转 x’y’z 色彩空间,更快更准确

-支持多达96fps HFR

-支持3D HFR 48帧(96fps/eye)


-JPEG2000 编码速度提高



新版 v1.9.0 更新内容:

-新的颜色空间变换:P3->xyz, itu709->xyz with gamma 2.4 or 2.2

– Browse and select subtitle loadfonts




– Windows Vista, 7 & 8

– Adobe After Effects CS5 – CC 2015 or later



AE插件:DCP数字电影打包工具 FanDev CuteDCP v1.9.0 CE








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