AE插件:颜色偏移插件(附教程)EFX Chromatic Aberration



颜色偏移插件 EFX Chromatic Aberration 可以增加或者去除色彩偏移效果,

可选择 RGB 各个通道的随意偏移,

效果相当于 Looks 插件里 Chromatic Aberration 选项的控制,

使用于WIN版 AE软件。


This plugin lets you apply (or remove) the chromatic aberration effect to a layer.

This is a known workflow of separating a comp into Red, Green and  Blue channels, scaling one of them and recombining the channels, wrapped into a single effect.

The process of adding chromatic aberration is pretty straight forward if you do it to a single image.

If you try adding it to a layer with an alpha channel, that you later want to composite over a background image, you’ll get into some trouble.

In the tutorial you can see different approaches to the problem, and how the plugin helps you in each one of them.




AE插件:颜色偏移插件(附教程)EFX Chromatic Aberration






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