C4D教程: X-Particle粒子插件GSG灰猩猩使用教程Greyscalegorilla Guide to X-Particles

X-Particles C4D


你准备好充分利用X-Particles粒子插件了吗? 如果你认真学习XP,那么Greyscalegorilla的X-Particles指南是必备系列,可以让你开始运行。X-Particles是Cinema 4D必备的粒子解决方案。 它已被用于无数的生产中,并且在需要动态颗粒的任何地方使用。 虽然X-Particles在粒子系统方面是直观的,但即使是最有经验的艺术家,它仍然是令人生畏的。了解XP中的设置和功能,最终将X-Particles添加到您的日常工作流程中。 这本以生产为重点的指南将为您提供有关如何充分利用这个神奇插件的背景信息。 大多数培训仅包括定义设置或功能; 这就是我们采用基于项目的方法的原因。



Are you ready to get the most out of X-Particles? If you are serious about learning XP, Greyscalegorilla’s Guide to X-Particles is the must-have series to get you up and running.

X-Particles is the must-have particle solution for Cinema 4D. It has been used in countless productions and is employed wherever dynamic particles are needed. Though X-Particles is intuitive as far as particle systems go, it can still be daunting to even the most experienced artist.

Learn the settings and features within XP to finally add X-Particles to your daily workflow. This production focused guide will give you context on how this amazing plugin can be fully utilized. Most training consists solely of defining settings or features; this is why we went with a project-based approach. Real production scenarios make for better training



C4D教程: X-Particle粒子插件GSG灰猩猩使用教程Greyscalegorilla Guide to X-Particles

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