AE视觉特效插件包 Boris Continuum Complete v9.0.4




强大的BCC(Boris Continuum Complete 9 FxPlug),

Boris Continuum Complete 为视频图像合成、处理 、键控、着色、变形等提供全面的解决方案,支持Open GL 和双 CPU加速,

BCC 9拥有超过百种特效效果:字幕(3D字幕),3D粒子,老电影,光线,画中画,镜头光晕,烟雾,火等等,还有调色,键控/抠像,遮罩,发光等等一系列风格化工具。

BCC 9 包括多种视频特效和多种视频转场,


Boris FX is a one of the leading developers of software and plugins in the VFX field, is known for many of the product lines are plugins for video editing software like Boris Continuum Complete (BCC), Final Effects Complete (FEC), Boris RED, Boris Graffiti, Boris FX, …
BCC includes over 200 + effects for a powerful film: 3D Objects, 3D particle effects, image restoration tools, lens flares and lights, keys and mattes, warp and perspective effects, and blurs, glows, … with the 1000 pre-sets is very convenient for users.


Product Highlights
•230+ filters and transitions
•3000+ presets included FREE
•FX Browser™
•3D Particle Effects
•Image Restoration
•Keys & Mattes
•True 3D Lens Flares
•Volumetric Lighting Effects
•Time-Based Effects
•Blurs & Glows
•Cinematic Effects



Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 – CC 2015

Adobe After Effects CS4 – CC 2015




AE视觉特效插件包 Boris Continuum Complete v9.0.4


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