Avid 专业电影级调色插件 FilmLight BaseLight for Avid v4.4.7725 CE

FilmLight Baselight AVID


FilmLight Baselight 是一款非常棒的电影级的调色工具,值得一提的是他们的数据格式开放,除了本身的影片扫描设备所产生的格式之外,也接受Red Digital Cinema、DPX。同时,对于数据流通方面支援Avid、Flame、Smoke、Final Cut Pro X等,Baselight for Avid 让您把高品质的色彩校正添加到您的镜头,这是一套全面的强大的分级工具,界面友好直观,让学习工作成为愉快的事情。

此版本支持 Win 系统:Avid Media Composer and Symphony 6.0.3 或更高


Baselight for Avid enables you to add high quality colour corrections to your shots quickly using a comprehensive set of the powerful grading tools and other features available on full Baselight systems. If you’re not already familiar with Baselight, you’ll find the intuitive and friendly interface quick to learn and a pleasure to work with.

Everything you do within Baselight for Avid-or a full Baselight system-is saved within the project and can be embedded in an AAF file. The grade can be exported from a full Baselight suite and imported into Avid so you can apply a full, complex grade in a matter of seconds-without rendering. It includes all tracking information and even keyframes so no manual adjustment is needed.

And the workflow is fully bidirectional-the grade can be changed in Avid and exchanged with a Baselight system or even another Avid suite just as easily, with all edits intact.
As well as modifed AAF files to exchange grades, Baselight for Avid supports the FilmLight BLG file format. The BLG file is a small and portable data file that enables looks to be exchanged with all Baselight systems including Daylight and FLIP. Not only that, but with the Baselight Lens you can auto-load grades from a directory of BLG files – based solely on video.

To find out more about renderless worklows with Baselight for Avid – either via AAF or using BLG files and the BAselight Lens – watch this video.
Baselight utilises the system GPU, if available, to accelerate rendering performance. Baselight for Avid is a real-time plugin, so most colour corrections can be played directly on the Avid timeline.




Avid 专业电影级调色插件 FilmLight BaseLight for Avid v4.4.7725 CE

插件为一键安装破解版,安装即可使用。thanks for Team VR.



Mac/Win版:AVID专业电影级调色插件 FilmLight Baselight for Avid 4.4.7517







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