AE插件/预设:图形动画+文字动画Animation Composer 2.1.1 Win/Mac 免费版



这套优秀的 Animation Composer 插件依然由马头人大师(MisterHorse)制作出品,

插件能有更好的使用他们出品的 图形动画+文字动画预设包(部分免费),



预设和插件均支持 Mac OSX 和 Windows 系统,适用 AE CS5-CC 2017 软件,




支持 Win/Mac 系统:Adobe After Effects CS 5 – CC 2017

装好后打开软件,在 Window (窗口) 菜单里即可找到插件。


Version 2.1.1 新版更新内容:


Added support for paths (masks, shapes) to Keyframe Wingman
Fixed several bugs that were causing crashes when using Keyframe Wingman

Added Keyframe Wingman tool
Added option to change Precomp’s duration before inserting it
Added option to insert Precomp at playhead at its In Point or at the end of its In Transition
Added clear button to search bar
Added option to reveal freshly installed items
Fixed some minor issues

Fix an issue that caused crash when using Anchor Point tool
Fix an issue that caused the plugin to not load when After Effects was started through Adobe Premiere
Add back the possibility to search for preset with its unique code

Prevented crash in buggy AE CS6 version (“Update required” warning)
Fixed random logout issue
Fixed crash on changing Precomp duration

Added option to edit “Duration with transition” directly in UI
Fixed error occuring during inserting a new Precomp
Fixed some other minor issues

Fix Free Starter Pack download button
Fix some rare crashes

Fixed Precomp editing issue in large project files
Fixed some UI glitches in Manage Products window

Fixed crash on start
Fixed crash after login
Fixed Update button in Manage Products

Animation Composer has a lot of new awesome features.

Polished user interface.
New type of content called “Precomps”. It’s royalty-free content that you can use in your videos. For example: titles, animated illustrations, elements and much more.
There’s a new store where you can get a lot of additional content.
Anchor Point Mover – quickly reposition the anchor point for selected layers…
There’s a new user guide with lots of short videos… full of tips and tricks.
User accounts. Now you can keep your favourites and licenses safely synced with your account.
New “Manage Products” window. Download, update and manage your products from one place. Working with presets has got better too.
Now you can finally apply multiple presets to one layer.
There are more options on how to copy a preset.
New presets in “The Most Handy Presets Pack”. Update to Animation Composer 2 for free and check out the other videos for tips and tricks.



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