AE插件:特殊编码加速输出渲染插件 Aescripts AfterCodecs v1.1.4 + 使用教程




AfterCodecs 这款编码输出插件,就可以支持输出 H264,H265 和 ProRes 这些编码,



Native exporter for AE bringing you ProRes on Windows and h264 (x264 and x265) codecs for excellent quality and lightweight videos.




ProRes : LT / Proxy / Normal / HQ and even 444 that supports Alpha Channel.

x264 : best H264/AVC implementation, outperforming both Adobe Media Encoder, QuickTime H264 and AE’s built-in H264.

x265 : files are 30% lighter than x264 and it also supports 8K resolution.

x264 RGB : same as x264 but avoids YUV colorspace, best for storing separate channels in one video (UV map, Alphas…) for power users only.


1.1.4 更新内容:

* ProRes renders need at least ffmpeg version N-86691-gc885356 because a bug was recently fixed in it !
Just click the download button to update it
* Fixed AE exit crash bug
* Fixed the AE crash bug when clicking twice on the “Format Options” button
* Fixed the bug in CC 2015 when trying to mux at the end of the render
* “Error #11 : license too old” bug removed
* Bug with 29.97 fps fixed
* For x264 : added two lossless modes (100 for 4:4:4, 99 for 4:2:0), beware : they are not compatible with Quicktime Player and old devices
* Overall ProRes quality has been improved, notably 4444
* ProRes 422 renders are faster
* End audio-video muxing is faster for x264 / x265 !
* 16 bpc (Trillions of Colors) renders are also faster !
* Sound for HAP codecs is now Uncompressed PCM like ProRes
* ProRes streaming option enabled (Youtube accepts uploading ProRes !)
* Now if you want to use a ffmpeg whose version is not supported, AfterCodecs will accept it anyway for rendering and not look for an other ffmpeg version on the computer


支持Win系统:After Effects CC 2014 – CC 2017



AE插件:特殊编码加速输出渲染插件 Aescripts AfterCodecs v1.1.4 CE + 使用教程

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