AE教程:Roto笔刷工具详解 Digital Tutors – Unlocking the Powe



AE 从近几个版本中加入了一个非常强大的画笔抠像工具:Roto,


Roto 适用于动态抠像,免去一帧一帧K帧的麻烦,


In this series of lessons, we’ll be learning how to use the Roto Brush Tool. A lot of people try to use the Roto Brush Tool without knowing how it works. They jump in, start painting one frame after the other and depending on their patience level, they soon give up.

This is because there are a few ground rules for using this tool, and if you don’t know them, your matte will not turn out well. If you understand the ground rules, then you don’t need to be a certified “Roto Brush Tool Expert” to use it. This tool is meant to speed up

your workflow. With that being said, this training doesn’t use footage examples that are unrealistically easy to roto. So, after we get a basic understanding of this tool, we are going to have some hard lessons with uncooperative footage that will help you learn the real

challenges of using this tool. As well as, some of the perfect places to use it and how to trick your footage into looking just as you envisioned, with a combination of techniques.


  • 01.Introduction and project overview
  • 02.Should I use the Roto Brush tool with my footage?
  • 03.Getting started using the Roto Brush: The Do’s and Don’ts
  • 04.Making corrective strokes
  • 05.Using the Refine Edge Tool and using different view modes
  • 06.Roto Brush propagation and matte settings
  • 07.Refine Edge matte settings
  • 08.Motion blurring and decontaminating edge colors
  • 09.Caching and locking Roto Brush progress
  • 10.What to do when edges are swimming
  • 11.Combining multiple mattes
  • 12.Using a mask with a Roto Brushed layer



AE教程:Roto笔刷工具详解  Unlocking the Power of the Roto Brush Tool



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