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紧急更新:After Effects CC 2014.1.1 (13.1.1) Mac/Win



前不久Adobe公司更新了 AE 2014.1(13.1),

由于更新后软件有诸多小问题,所以现在又放出最新更新补丁 After Effects CC 2014.1.1 (13.1.1)



Adobe After Effects CC 更新介绍 (中英文对照来自百度翻译)

高分辨率DPI的用户界面和内容(Win Mac)


兼容于MAXON Cinema 4D精简版R16和Cineware 2.0

改进与Adobe Anywhere的视频整合

改进Adobe Media Encoder编码器监视窗口的文件夹

支持本地GOPRO CineForm编解码器




The next release of After Effects CC offers an enhanced Live 3D Pipeline, adding Cineware 2.0 and CINEMA 4D R16 compatibility, so that artists can work faster and more easily with 3D elements in their compositions. Broadcasters and large facilities that use Adobe Anywhere for video will benefit from improved Anywhere collaboration to streamline remote workflows with version tracking and project sharing. In addition, the new version offers a number of usability refinements, such as more visible anchor points on layers, tracking behavior improvements, and more incremental improvements that make motion graphics and visual effects work easier and more efficient.

下一个版本的影响后,CC提供了一个增强的实时三维管道,增加cineware 2和四维影院R16的兼容性,可以使艺术家的工作更快和更容易在他们的组合物的3D元素。广播公司和大型设施的使用Adobe的任何视频将从提高合作效益的地方精简版本的跟踪和远程工作流项目共享。此外,新版本提供了大量的可用性改进,如更可见的锚点层,跟踪性能的改进,以及更多的增量的改进,使运动图像和视觉效果的工作更容易和更有效的。

Adobe After Effects CC 2014.1.1 (V13.1.1)

Wow, what a year! The Adobe pro-video team has been working on making the Creative Cloud video applications better at managing media and projects as well as offers new features such as Consolidate and Transcode and Search Bins in Adobe Premiere Pro and curve adjustment improvements in SpeedGrade. All the apps, including After Effects, are sporting a refined user interface with HiDPI support.

In After Effects, this refined user interface has new icons and some customization tweaks. The goal of this update is to reduce the visual clutter that often comes with a 20+ year old product. Also, this new UI not only supports HiDPI monitors on the Mac but also on Windows. The cool thing is the new UI approach is just the first step with all our applications so you can be sure to expect more on this topic in the future.

Last year, we announced one of the biggest industry turns by partnering with Maxon and developing a Live 3D Pipeline with CINEMA 4D. This was a game-changer for so many in the industry. And, rest assured, we did not step back on development on how After Effects talks to C4D. In the Fall release, we’ve added Cineware 2.0 which offers enhanced layer support and R16 compatibility enabling users to work with 3D elements faster.

While many of you may not have experienced the power of Adobe Anywhere, we have a lot of customers in the broadcast space that have been asking for better collaboration between After Effects’ users. We are pleased to offer AE artists using Adobe Anywhere the ability to streamline the creation process without worrying about which .AEP file is being sent. With this new integration, Adobe Anywhere and your MAM will track which files you’re using and store them for you.


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Win 版本:http://swupdl.adobe.com/updates/oobe/aam20/win/AdobeAfterEffects-13.0.0-Trial/13.1.1/setup.zip

Mac 版本:http://swupdl.adobe.com/updates/oobe/aam20/mac/AdobeAfterEffects-13.0.0-Trial/13.1.1/setup.dmg



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