Win/Mac版:600组E3D纹理贴图材质预设合集 Element 3D – Urban Decay Shader Pack Promo



一套非常不错的  Element 3D 材质包合集,拥有超过600多种材质预设,高清 2K 预设,



支持 Win/Mac 系统下 Adobe After Effects (Element 3D )

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The Urban Decay Shader Pack is a collection of 600 high quality texture presets that add those urban, industrial, and hard surface style material sets that are essential to every artist’s graphical arsenal.

Although the pack contains over 600 shader presets that are designed for Video Copilot’s Element 3D plug in for Adobe After Effects, all the texture maps (Diffuse, Normal, Specular, and AO) can easily be used in any other 3D application.

Almost all the shaders come with dirt maps as part of the preset so that with a toggle of a check box in Element 3D you the artist can give your clean texture a dirty and grungy appearance with the flexibility to dial in how much dirt you need. This effectively doubles the number of shaders that come in this pack.




1. Carbon Fiber (14) – Carbon fiber and natural fiber shaders

2. Concrete (78) – Plain, dirty, cracked, slab plates, and more

3. Graffiti (37) – Colorful abstracts created from photos of real world graffiti

4. Greeble (85) – Celtic, grids, geometrical, ridges, and baked 3D geometry

5. Ground-Stone (32) – Asphalt, cracked ground, stone, tiles, and rock walls

6. Metal (71) – Isotropic, rust, painted, scratched, tiles, and speckled car paint

7. Plate (220) – Bulkheads and various treads of both new and chipped condition

8. Rivet-Dent (37) – Normal and AO maps to work with metal or concrete

9. Tread (50) – Various tread plate designs

10. Warning (90) – Hazard stripes of both new and distressed condition






Win/Mac版:600组E3D纹理贴图材质预设合集 Element 3D – Urban Decay Shader Pack Promo

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