22G 三维纹理材质贴图大合集 3D Total texture 1-19 DVD bundle

3D Total texture



这套文字贴图 共有 19 DVD约22G大小:3D Total texture 1-19 DVD bundle






纹理分辨率:1600 x 1200

界面:HTML界面浏览 和 地图选择



计算机:PC 和 Mac 兼容

文件大小:约 22 G


Here is the full content of the bundle 包含内容:

Total Textures V1:R2 – General Textures

Total Textures V2:R2 – Aged & Stressed

Total Textures V3:R2 – Bases & Layers

Total Textures V4:R2 – Humans & Creatures

Total Textures V5:R2 – Dirt & Graffiti

Total Textures V6:R2 – Clean Textures

Total Textures V7:R2 – Sci-fi

Total Textures V8:R2 – Vehicles

Total Textures V9:R2 – Ancient Tribes & Civilizations

Total Textures V10:R2 – Trees & Plants

Total Textures V11:R2 – Alien Organic

Total Textures V12:R2 – Textures From Around The World 1

Total Textures V13:R2 – Textures From Around The World 2

Total Textures V14:R2 – Fantasy

Total Textures V15:R2 – Toon Textures

Total Textures V16 – Architectural Showroom

Total Textures V17 – Urban Extras Textures

Total Textures V18 – Sky Textures

Total Textures V19 – Destroyed & Damaged


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22G 三维纹理材质贴图大合集 3D Total texture 1-19 DVD bundle

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The Total Textures 19 DVD Bundle contains all 19 DVDs in the Total Textures collection. Ranging from human, creature and alien textures through to building, environment and global textures by way of fantasy, sci fi and cartoon, this collection contains a wealth of high quality content that would make an excellent addition to any artist’s arsenal.

Each volume contains more than 100 individually handcrafted textures and every texture has its own unique colour map, bump map, specular and, in some cases, alpha maps. There are also bonus features such V04:R2’s “Eye Maker” as well as a series of tutorials and Making Ofs contained on each DVD




Product details:

Texture format: jpeg, tiff,

Average texture resolution: 1600 x 1200

Interface: HTML interface providing easy browsing and map selection

Software: Compatible with all 3D software packages

Browser: Compatible with all browsers

Computer: PC and Mac compatible


The files contained in this torrent are dvd’s ripped. The textures included in this package are of good quality. No crack or serial is needed, just use it. To preview the textures as material after downloaded open the included html file on each

DVD. enjoy ;)



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